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Red Mild (2)
soft hop

Talus x Cascade

A Pale Ale to pair a classic with the brand new hop TALUS hop.

Bred from a 'neo-mexicanus' strain of hop it promises a more earthy twist to tropical flavours that have been likened to toasted coconut. We have blended that with the ever reliable CASCADE hop, promoting their mutual citrus characteristics and creating a uniquely balanced and drinkable pale ale.

Brewed with locally source MARIS OTTER malt, this beer is floral, refreshing with notes of grapefruit, stone fruit and sage.

4.8% ABV

Red Mild

Mild ale. Fiercely beloved by the few 'who know' but passed over by too many that don't. In a world dominated by hops can't we all just give malt a chance?

Floor malted, Cotswold grown Maris Otter barley provides the back bone to this strong mild.

Continental speciality malts provide sweet molasses and cinder toffee flavours as well as a light, Ruby red hue.

Warming, hearty and deceptively drinkable.


6% ABV

Soft II

Our second trio along the soft + hops route, Double dry-hopped with a European yeast beloved for pulling the juice from hops.

Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin hot and cold side hops join with some extra Talus for the final dry hopping, so expect a floral, grape and grapefruit character without any assertive bitterness.

Locally sourced, all barley grist, mashed hot to allow a soft and full mouth feel carrying the generously dosed hop oils to your palate


5.2% ABV

Pale Ale soft + hops

Double dry-hopped pale ale gently fermented with an east coast American yeast noted for transforming hop compounds into juicy fruit flavours.

Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops are added during and after fermentation, creating aromas that evoke tropical stone fruit flavours.

A locally sourced, all barley grist, is mashed hot to allow a soft and full mouth feel to carry the generously dosed hop oils to your sensory organs.


5.5% ABV

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X Mosaic

This Pale Ale puts the modern, classic, aroma hop Mosaic in the spotlight.


Famed for its bold fruit flavour and aroma, it uniquely boasts of blueberry amongst the usual mix of citrus, pine and tropical flavour descriptors.


Brewed with our usual crisp, clean yeast alongside our regular all Barley, no wheat grist, it takes centre stage in this very drinkable pale ale.

4.8% ABV

Red Mild (3)

Export India Porter

Moreish and indulgent, filled with coffee and chocolate flavours boosted by bitter citrus hop aromas this is our take on a modern Export Porter.

A drink traditionally brewed strong to survive months of travel* the India muddle refers to the contemporary resurgence of the Export Porter style brewed with generous amounts of modern hops. In this case Galaxy and Simcoe.


*we still recommend a Drink Fresh approach to this beer

6% ABV